Ranking results of the year: top 20 Ukrainian projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

In 2017 the Ukrainians actively used crowdfunding platforms and raised money for the most varied ideas: from drag bikes to dresses-transformers. The editorial team of AIN.UA has selected 20 Ukrainian projects, which raised most of funds.

Senstone, $389,000

Project: Senstone

Target: $50,000

Raised: $389,000

Backers: 2,745

Senstone is a stylish pendant (wearable) for voice conversion into text. This device has instantly succeeded on Kickstarter: project raised the required amount of $50 000 for 36 hours. In total, the pendant raised over $389,000 owing to additional Indemand-campaign on Indiegogo. Western media actively highlighted Senstone: Business Insider called the device “one of the most important”. Pendant converts voice messages into text and sorts it by topics: for example, personal diary or notes from conferences. The device is capable of recognizing seven languages and holds a charge for up to three days.

Jollylook, $377,000

Project: Jollylook

Target: $15,000

Raised: $377,429

Backers: 6,110

Jollylook is a camera for analog snapshots. A team from Zaporozhye created this camera fully eco-friendly – its components contain just recycled cardboard, lenses and cartridge. The device develops photos within a few minutes after the moment when the owner made a photo.

Ugears, $288,000

Project: UGEARS

Target: $15,000

Raised: $288,326

Backers: 2,954

In 2017 Ugears went to Kickstarter for the second time for their entire history. This time, startup was raising money for a new line of mechanical models – hurdy-gurdy (according to members of the project, it was the first mechanical musical model in the world, which you can assemble yourself), calendar and models for children. As a result, Ugears has raised $288,000 — almost 20 times more than initially claimed amount.

Pixio, $167,000

Project: Pixio

Target: $75,000

Raised: $167,667

Backers: 1,184

Pixio is a constructor set, inspired by pixel art style, i.e. styled on the old games on 8-bit consoles. Every cubic is one pixel, which can be attached to either side of another block using magnets. Polarity of cubes is connected in such a way that it allows assembling them in any combinations. Constructor set is also attached with manuals to basic figures, for instance, Mario Plumber from a popular game. The manufacturers describe Pixio as “Minecraft in real life”.

Delfast, $165,000

Project: Delfast

Target: $50,000

Raised: $165,800

Backers: 75

Delfast began their activities still in 2014 as a courier delivery service, specialized in small cargos. This year they have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for production of their own drag bikes. A key feature of Delfast bikes is a drive range of 380 km. Deniel Tonkopiy, the Founder of Delfast, described their product while launching it, “Till today, the drive range of 99% of bikes has not exceeded 50 km. Therefore, our product moves drag bikes from the category “toys” to the category “real life vehicle”.” Delfast achieved considerable success: drag bike raised $165,000, and also was highlighted by Western media, including TechInsider, Mashable and Yahoo.

Rinsten Spring, $136,000

Project: Rinsten Spring

Target: $15,000

Raised: $136,501

Backers: 2,564

Rinsten Spring is a bike shock absorber. It allows softening road vibrations and shocks, making your bike driving smooth and keeping your body healthy. Rinsten Spring consists of five parts and, according to its manufacturers, it is assembled for less than a minute.

QLYX, $124,000

Project: QLYX

Target: $40,000

Raised: $124,979

Backers: 2,892

QLYX is a magnetic holder for smartphones. When a smartphone is attached to the holder, special application is opened on the phone. This application automatically collects driving statistics, offers you to get directions to and shows weather forecast. It is available for iOS and Android.

SolarGaps, $102,000

Project: SolarGaps

Target: $50,000

Raised: $102,354

Backers: 331

Yevgeny Eric, the entrepreneur, invented smart blinds SolarGaps in June of 2016. This year he put them on Kickstarter. SolarGaps generates power, being fastened on the windows. The blinds are automatically adjusted to the angle of sun rays. These blinds can also be controlled by smartphone. In the company they promise that owing to SolarGaps you can save up to 70% of costs on electricity.

Hushme , $98,000

Project: Hushme

Target: $70,000

Raised: $98,677

Backers: 412

Hushme device allows making human talks noiseless for people around. Initially they put the gadget on Kickstarter and raised $70,000, and further they launched additional campaign on Indiegogo and raised $28,000 more. Despite its bizarre form, Hushme causes no sense of discomfort. The gadget makes speech unclear for people within a distance of one meter, and makes it fully noiseless at greater distances.

Luciding, $87,000

Project: Luciding

Target: $75,000

Raised: $87,475

Backers: 216

This year Luciding startup also entered crowdfunding platform. This startup works on creating the gadget for lucid dreams. It is named LucidCatcher. The device is a band around your head that you should put on before sleeping. Manufacturers of LucidCatcher promise that owners of the gadget will be able to realize that they are sleeping and will have an opportunity to control their dream. While launching crowdfunding campaign the team assured that the first supplies would begin as early as in 2018.

Time 4 Machine, $52,000

Project: Time 4 Machine

Target: $15,000

Raised: $52,886

Backers: 479

Having left Ugears, the entrepreneur Denis Okhrimenko managed new projects. This year he put one of such projects – Time 4 Machine – on Kickstarter. Time 4 Machine is metal 3D puzzles. As a part of the campaign, the project raised funds for constructor set of the clockwork vehicle. As a result, Time 4 Machine has raised three times more than initially claimed amount.

HURU, $51,000

Project: HURU

Target: $15,000

Raised: $51,839

Backers: 245

Still in the first hours of the campaign HURU has raised a half of the required amount ($15,000). Totally they have raised $50,000. Their product is a backpack for the city and travelling, made out of waterproof nylon fiber. The volume of HURU makes 24 liters, but it can be extended to 40 liters. The backpack has a department for documents and heat insulation compartment for food products. Among other features, there is a detachable waist pack in the kit and organizer for personal care items, cables and charging devices.

Omnia, $47,000

Project: Omnia

Target: $3,000

Raised: $47,642

Backers: 582

In April a team from Odessa named AGE launched a campaign to raise money for the second version of the convertible Omnia Dress – 2Go. According to the creators, the dress can be worn in 20 different versions. A new model was designed for warm season of the year. Evelina Smulskaya, CEO of the project, told us at the launch of the campaign, “After the moment when all dresses [of the first version] had been delivered, we decided to make a poll among our backers in order to find out what kind of alterations and improvements they wished to see in the second version. It turned out that most of all the customers demanded a version of the dress, made of more lightweight fabric for hot weather.”

City Jacket, $47,000

Project: City Jacket

Target: $20,000

Raised: $45,181

Backers: 305

A campaign for the convertible City Jacket was launched simultaneously with HURU and it was successful. Almost all claimed amount has been raised ($20,000) for the period less than 24 hours. In total, the project has raised more than $45,000. Among the distinctive features of City Jacket – there is a large number of pockets and an option to change a length of sleeves.

Urban Kukri knife family, $30,000

Project: Urban Kukri

Target: $12,000

Raised: $30,206

Backers: 397

Urban Kukri knife family is a line of folding metal knives. Totally, three sizes are available – 30 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm.

RIDER1991, $27,000

Project: RIDER1991

Target: $25,000

Raised: $27,689

Backers: 227

Designer watch RIDER1991 entered Kickstarter in June of this year and for a month they have raised over $27,000. According to the creators of the project, it is the first designer watch, developped in Ukraine.

Placeon, $19,000

Project: Placeon

Target: $3,000

Raised: $20,672

Backers: 406

One more project of AGE team from Odessa is Placeon – a smartphone belt clip, which addresses the problem of fast access to your smartphone. According to the designers, using this device it is possible to pick up your phone three times faster than when you get it out of your pocket. Placeon can also be used as a clip for holding on the walls and any other surfaces.

Golden Age, $18,000

Project: Golden Age

Target: $3,800

Raised: $18,771

Backers: 593

Golden Age is a deck of playing cards with a unique design. While creating the cards, their author Svyatoslav Pashchuk was inspired by creativity of Neil Gaiman, a science-fiction writer.

HeartIn, $18,000

Project: HeartIn

Target: $15,000

Raised: $18,137

Backers: 49

HeartIn is a T-shirt, which takes electrocardiogram in real time mode. Jointly with mobile application it monitors abnormalities in functioning of the heart and facilitates more efficient sports activities. According to the T-shirt manufacturers, the intended purpose of HeartIn is to ensure early diagnosis of heart diseases.

RollSpin, $17,000

Project: RollSpin

Target: $1,000

Raised: $17,040

Backers: 320

RollSpin is spin toys, made of aluminum, brass, bronze and steel and designed for concentration and relax. It is capable of continuous spinning for more than six minutes. By dimensions it does not exceed a bunch of keys. The team, created RollSpin, anticipated raising $1000, but finally they raised 17 times more.