Ukrainian tech industry news reporter AIN.UA now available in English

Starting October 7 AIN.UA, the independent publisher of Ukrainian technology industry news, becomes available in English.

Since 1999 when project came live it was focusing on highlighting the situation on Ukrainian tech scene: regional market news, startups, deals, labor market, legal ecosystem for running business in Ukraine.

All this time AIN.UA is built based on professional journalism and verification of facts, we recognize freedom of information and value personal opinion.

There are no boundaries for Ukrainian tech industry: Ukrainian startups are initially focusing on international markets. Product companies are included into global industry ratings. Outsourcing works with clients from all over the world. Global players enter Ukrainian market, opening R&D offices, acquiring and investing into local companies.

At the same time there is a very limited amount of available verified and regularized information on the Ukrainian tech scene in English. Lots of truly remarkable Ukrainian stories have never been told in English. While North American, European and Asian tech markets are still acting quite independently and anchored around their historical hubs, Ukraine remained “terra incognita” for global technological newsfeed. AIN.UA is committed to fill this gap so everyone could understand what is really going on in Ukraine.

AIN.UA/EN is not starting from the scratch – 6% of the current audience are from Germany, USA, Poland, Netherlands, Israel and UK. Most of those visitors are immigrants who still follow up Ukrainian tech news, second part of the visitors are journalists, funds, clients and partners of local companies who are forced to seek and translate into English by their own. We also plan to reach and expand new English-speaking audience, so join us in separate English Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed and weekly e-mail digest.


Ilya Boshnyakov