PrivatMoney launched express money transfers from Europe

PrivatBank signed an agreement on collaboration in the international money transfer with Payment Planet Czech Company. It will enable Ukrainians to receive express money transfer via PrivatMoney from the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and France. Transfers can be received online to a bank card in Euro or in national currency.

“Our easy-to-use and available money transfer system is entering the markets of those European countries where most of Ukrainians spend vacations or work today, namely, Poland, Czech and South Europe”, – Aleksey Shaban, the Member of the PrivatBank Board, says.

PrivatMoney express money transfer system of PrivatBank has been in operation since the beginning of the 2000s. Ukrainians could transfer money within the country and send them almost all over the world. However, the receipt of transfers was limited by the near-abroad countries such as Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Moldova and Latvia. Today, you can make the PrivatMoney transfer to Ukraine in Euro from any place connected to Payment Planet.

The customer fee makes on the average 1-2% depending on the country of transfer and partner. “We are working towards attracting international partners with the rate to be from 0 to 1 % depending on currency of transfer and the country of transfer”, – the PrivatBank Press Service informed AIN.UA.

The PrivatMoney transfers in Ukraine are available for payment in more than 2,100 PrivatBank departments and in 20,000 ATMs and self-service terminals. The transfer will become available and can be paid out to the recipient in 5 minutes after it has been sent. To receive the PrivatMoney transfer in the PrivatBank department, you just need to provide your passport, transfer control number, amount and currency, transmitter’s name and country of transfer to the operator. The transmitter informs the transfer control number to the recipient.