Ukrainian Design School “Projector” opens a Branch Office in London

Ukrainian designer community Projector will appear in London. The founder and CEO of the project Alexander Tregub told AIN.UA about it. At the first stage Projector London will work in the format of free lectures and meetings. Later on, it is planned to add commercial events, and training programs as the community and the brand develop.

“The main task of Projector is to develop a creative and tech environment in Ukraine. In order to do this, we create new educational formats (such as 1-year-old trainees), hold meetings, events, conferences, etc.,” – Tregub told AIN.UA editor.

At some point we understood that Ukrainian community had grown dramatically, it got mature and now it is ready to be a part of global community instead of stewing in its own juice. That is why we remove the dome between ourselves and the world. Project London is a step towards creating a global creative community with Ukrainian roots and European way of thinking.

We chose London because it is a huge world’s creative hub. Besides that, a lot of Ukrainian designers, who want and can contribute to the development of the environment, live here.

London Projector will be headed by Sergey Voronov, senior product designer at, who had previously worked at Facebook and Clinpal. Sergey has been living in the UK for four years now, he founded the Framer London Community and has already held several events for Projector.

Projector London — a meeting, devoted to Framer X at the Facebook office

“We launch all projects in MVP, step by step. This summer we have already held several test lectures and meet-ups in London, we were convinced of the interest of the community. Yesterday we have publicly announced the launch,” – Tregub clarified. Schedule of events at the London Projector is already available for the nearest month.

Projector London. Phase London Meetup at Octopus Labs

At this stage, the project is not commercial, emphasizes Tregub, and the event space is provided by their partners. Previous test meetings were held in the London offices of Facebook and Octopus Labs. All lectures are held in English: “We are not a school for diasporas and immigrants – we are building a current professional community. However, the guys from Ukraine who live in London are already helping a lot.”