Which delivery services Ukrainian online-stores choose: comparison of prices, speed and popularity

The Ukrainian platform for online stores "Horoshоp" conducted a survey among their clients to find out which delivery services they use in their work. The survey participants talked about their experience of cooperation with such companies as “Nova Poshta”, “Ukrposhta”, “Autolux”, “Delivery”, “Mist-Express”, “InTime”, Delfast and Zruchna. Also, as part of a research study, analysts of "Horoshop" studied the capabilities of these services and compared the prices of their services.

The survey was filled by 120 owners of Ukrainian online stores. The survey was conducted from June 26 until August 4, 2018.

Delivery service “Nova Poshta” turned out to be the most popular – 97% of the respondents use it, which is approximately three times more compared to the result of the nearest competitor – “Ukrposhta” (33%). The least popular were Zruchna (3%) and Delfast (0,8%). 40% of respondents also use their own couriers for goods delivery.

The popularity of delivery services among online stores

  •         Nova Poshta – 97 %
  •         Own couriers – 40%
  •         Ukrposhta – 33%
  •         InTime – 24 %
  •         Delivery – 18 %
  •         Meest Express – 8 %
  •         Autolux – 4%
  •         Zruchna – 3%
  •         Delfast – 0,8 %

“Nova Poshta” (64%) also became the leader in the percentage of goods sent by Ukrainian shipping companies to delivery services. “Ukrposhta” took second place with 8% results. “Autolux” (0,9%) and Delfast (0,1%) are at the end of the rating.

Percentage of orders by online stores delivered by a certain service

  •         Nova Poshta – 64 %
  •         Own couriers – 13%
  •         Ukrposhta – 8%
  •         InTime – 6 %
  •         Delivery – 3 %
  •         Meest Express – 1 %
  •         Zruchna – 1%
  •         Autolux – 0,9 %
  •         Delfast – 0,1 %

Also, the authors of the study compared the public information on each of the companies and concluded that the largest networks of branches are “Ukrposhta” (12800) and “Nova Poshta” (2300 + 1400 postal operators). Dalfast only has six divisions, Zrushna has three of them.

Otherwise, the way these services operate they don’t need divisions – Delfast and Zruchna do address deliveries and their speed is much higher than other services (within one day). “Ukrposhta” takes the longest, their delivery is 4-6 days, even though it has an express delivery (1-2 days).

It is more economically favorable to deliver small cargos with “Delivery” and “Autolux”, and Zruchna and “Ukrposhta” are better for large ones. “Nova Poshta” keeps average prices in different delivery categories. It is also worth to note that the national service is relatively inexpensive for small and medium-sized shipments.