Vladislav Chechetkin entered the top 100 richest Ukrainians. His estate was estimated at $165 million

The magazine “Novoe Vremya” together with Dragon Capital has compiled the current accurate rating of the richest people in Ukraine. As noted in the publication, this hundred of the richest people gets richer 12 times faster than the country’s growing GDP. The growth rate of their estates has only increased over the last year, reaching an annual average of +43%. These people possess a total of $37.5 billion – that is, they can pay off half of the entire state’s debt from their own pockets. As Dragon Capital Managing Director Andrei Bespyatov noted, “they are the Ukrainian economy”.

The ranking mostly consists of raw materials businessmen who control enterprises of production of products with low added value. The first place belongs to the owner of SCM (which includes Ukrtelecom) Rinat Akhmetov, who, thanks to growing demand for metals, increased his wealth by 76% up to $12.2 billion. In absolute figures, Akhmetov became richer by $5.3 billion.

Speaking about sphere of technology and e-commerce, only Vladislav Chechetkin, the founder of “Rozetka”, entered the top 100. He has taken the 29th place in the ranking. His estate was estimated at $165 million by “Novoe Vremya”. It is noteworthy that in just a year it grew by 124%.

In April, a similar rating was released according to the Focus magazine, in which Chechetkin’s estate was estimated at $87 million.

The creators of the company “Nova Poshta” – the leader among private delivery operators – Vyacheslav Klimov and Vladimir Popereshnyuk also appear in the rating. The estate of each of them was estimated at $102 million (in April “Focus” estimated their estates at $121 million each). The growth dynamics could not be measured, because businessmen were ranked for the first time and immediately acquired 55th and 56th places.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko ranks as 6th. Vasily Khmelnitsky, chief investor of UNIT.City, ranks as 36th in the rating ($125 million), Comfy owner Stanislav Ronnis ($94 million) is 62nd, Vladimir Tsoi ($68 million) and Sergey Bashlakov ($51 million), owners of IT-distributor MTI, are 79th and 91st, respectively.

The former owner of UMH, Boris Lozhkin, is at the end of the ranking with estate of $48 million. According to the creators of the research, his estate has decreased by 20% over the past year (“Focus” has estimated it at $139 million).

As it is noted by “Novoe Vremya”, all of the people from this ranking can be confident in tomorrow’s day since the world economy is growing, consuming more raw materials and finished products and goods made in Ukraine every year. Ukraine’s GDP growth, according to the NBU forecasts, will increase by 3,4% by the end of the year, and by 2019 will add another 2,4%, and also will naturally affect the richest people.