Ukraine has risen by five positions in the Doing Business ranking

Ukraine took (pdf) the 71st place in the Doing Business 2019 ranking basing on the criteria of ease of doing business, which the World Bank makes compiles. Ukraine has risen by five positions over a year.

The overall Doing Business rating is calculated based on ten criteria. Most of all, Ukraine has improved its performance in the “International Trade” and “Enforcement of Contracts” criteria. At the same time, the country dropped significantly in the ratings “Taxation” and “Connection to the power supply system”. Here are the changes:

  • Company registration: the 56th place (it was 52nd)
  • Obtaining building permits: 30th place (it was 35th)
  • Connection to the power supply system: 135th place (it was 128th)
  • Property registration: 63rd place (it was 64th)
  • Receiving loans: 32nd place (it was 29th)
  • Protection of minority investors: 72nd place (it was 81st)
  • Taxation: 54th place (it was 43rd)
  • International trade: 78th place (it was 119th)
  • Enforcement of contracts: 57th place (it was 82nd)
  • Solvency resolution: 145th place: (it was 149th)

For comparison, in the general ranking Poland took the 33rd place, Russia – 31st, Belarus – 37th, Romania – 52nd, and Georgia – 6th. New Zealand became the leader, same as last year. The top five also included Singapore, Denmark, Hong Kong and South Korea.