Disney began selling 3D puzzles of the Ukrainian company Ugears

Disney started selling 3D puzzles of the Ukrainian company Ugears. It is reported by Wow News Today with photos of the display.

Four Ugears models made specifically for Disney are available in stores now. Each set costs $50. According to Disney, selling was started in all 700 stores of store chain worldwide.

The Ukrainian company began negotiations with Disney in the spring of 2017, after which the cooperation started.

During negotiations, Ugears twice passed the Disney audit – preparation for the first one consisted of 400 points. “They checked everything – financial statements of the company, workplaces, conducted interviews with employees without the presence of line managers,” Shestak comments. He also added that Ugears was the first company in the last 22 years to whom Disney has allowed to leave its brand on the packaging. According to Disney, all models are unique and created specifically for the company.

Shestak also adds that now Ugears have “a couple of interesting elaborations with the giants of the western industry”, but he still does not disclose the details.