ProZorro has launched an automatic system that will detect suspicious tenders

The state tender platform ProZorro has launched a risk management system. It will allow to detect suspicious tenders automatically and send them to the State Audit Office monitoring. This was announced by the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade Maxim Nefyodov.

The system will determine suspicious tenders for 35 indicators. According to Nefyodov, this number will grow.

Every purchase is automatically checked according to the list of criteria, the result is summed up, adjusted considering the cost of the purchase and transferred to the State Audit Office. Auditors watch and ask questions through ProZorro platform. In case they confirm the violations, they give an order for elimination. If the customer does not eliminate the violations, the auditors conduct an inspection and, based on its results, can refer the matter to law enforcement agencies.

As Nefyodov informs, Ukraine is the first country in the world to launch such monitoring of all purchases, and not only for procedural violations monitoring, but also for the presence of real risks. The official notes that now there are more than 30 criteria in the development, as well as there is creation of risk combinations.