The salaries of C-level managers in Ukrainian IT: up to $6,000 per month with bonuses and insurance

$5,000 for the CTO – is it a lot or a little? Who should be given options? Is flexible scheduling motivating? To help employers and candidates find answers to these and other questions, the recruitment agency Indigo conducted a study, which was attended by 167 Ukrainian C-levels. AIN.UA chose the most interesting.


The survey involved 130 men and 37 women. Mostly, women occupy the positions of HR, COO, CMO or CEO.

The average age of survey participants (97 people) is from 31 to 40 years old. The median salary of the C-level manager of this age is the highest and amounts to $5,000.

If we compare the median wages of women and men, among C-level managers women earn two times less. However, the study does not specify whether official positions were taken into account when calculating median values.

Bonuses and “goodies”

38.3% of surveyed C-level managers do not have bonuses. 25% of people surveyed have bonuses accounted for the results of the work year, and 23% of them – quarterly.

Very often, the size of the bonus depends on the company’s profit (36.67%) and/or the performance of KPI’s department (32.78%).

The motivational package for C-level managers includes all the same “goodies” as for developers. More than half of them have the opportunity to work on a flexible schedule, 33% have free tuition, and 31% are provided with individual health insurance (11% of those surveyed get insurance coverage for their spouses and children).

Companies and Sphere

The largest amount of data was obtained in the fields of Digital, E-commerce, FinTech and Banking. If you do not take into account the blockchain sphere, in which little data was obtained, the highest level of remuneration by median turned out to be in the e-commerce sphere, which is $5,100.

The type of company and the number of years of the company on the market has no significant effect on the level of payment for C-level managers. However, the product production companies still pay the most.

The larger is the company, the higher is the number of employees and the level of wages for C-level managers in it.

It is important to mention that the median is the highest level of wages in companies based in the United States. Europe is on the second place, Russia is third. But on the upper limit, the highest level of wages is in the companies based in Ukraine.

“It can be assumed that the labor remuneration system and compensation packages are not properly built in the Ukrainian IT-businesses, so you have to compete with the principle “pay me extra $500”, – notes Ekaterina Osadchuk, CEO of Indigo Tech Recruiters.