InMobi advertising network appeared in Ukraine with 7.3 million audience and 22,000 applications available

InMobi advertising network has transferred exclusive rights to sell advertising in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and several other countries in favor of Admixer, the company’s blog informs. This will allow Ukrainian advertisers to access one of the largest international in-app advertising networks.

The coverage of InMobi in Ukraine is 7.3 million smartphone users, which is about 50% of all mobile Internet users. 40% of them use iOS, the remaining 60% use Android devices. At the same time, according to Admixer, the Internet audience in Ukraine totals 21.4 million people, or 70% of the country’s population. Of these, 16.7 million use mobile devices, and over the year this figure grew by 40%. According to the current results of 2018, a smartphone has become a device for accessing the Internet for 74% of Ukrainians active in the network.

Source: blog Admixer

22,000 popular applications are available in the advertising inventory (including more than 750 native ones). Advertisers will be able to customize ads for both global reach and purposeful targeting. They have access to multimedia formats: horizontal and vertical videos on the full screen, videos with static screensavers, 360° materials.

The payment options include: per view, click or install. It is reported that campaign data is integrated with the Gemius panel, and the standard InMobi functions can be purchased through Admixer.TradeDesk.

Source: blog Admixer

InMobi is an international company founded in 2007 in India. Over the years of its existence, the project received $320 million of funding. SoftBank conglomerate is among the company’s investors. Now InMobi has offices in 12 countries.