Ukrainian SMRK fund invested $500,000 in – a tool for cryptocurrency sales

The Ukrainian SMRK fund, founded by Alexander Kosovan (CEO of MacPaw) and Andrey Dovzhenko (entrepreneur), invested $500,000 in service. Its founder is Nikita Savchenko, ex-product manager of MacPaw, currently residing in San Francisco. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.

Superorder is a tool for cryptocurrency sales. This service makes it possible to automate trading. For instance, it enables configuring crypto portfolio sales in case of drop in the bitcoin rate below a certain level or altcoin purchases in case of increase in the rate. It is possible to create ready-to-use sequences of operations and to distribute them among other users, making money on referral fees.

Superorder makes money on fees, charging 0.1% of the amount of money, paid for sales in the system. If the trading scheme was used by the other users, 30% of the fee is paid to the creator. Every new account is awarded free-of-charge credit in the amount of $10. This amount is sufficient to cover costs on sale of cryptocurrencies, equivalent to $10,000.

The project has been at the stage of open beta-version since February. Monthly turnover of deals on the platform amounts to $15 million.

According to Andrey Dovzhenko, Co-Founder of SMRK, in the fund they believe in cryptocurrency market growth:

In our opinion, cryptocurrencies have already been functioning as means of payment. Therefore, there will be a growing need to exchange it into fiat currencies and exchange between cryptocurrencies that, in its turn, will entail further development of cryptocurrency market in the form of increase in trading volumes and amount of transactions. In the course of developing this market, there will be a growth of players, who will seek to gain profit on fluctuation of rates. The above-mentioned players, in their turn, will need the tools, which facilitate such exchange transactions.