The first Ukrainian electric truck was presented in Lutsk. It is created for the EU

Bogdan Corporation presented the first Ukrainian all-electric truck in Lutsk. A model of the truck is ERCV27, and it will be supplied to the European Union, reports Autogeek.

The presentation was held at SE “Car assembly plant No. 1” in Lutsk. This truck is manufactured for the Danish company Banke Electromotive. The electric truck is designed for mechanized loading of municipal solid waste. After the truck is certified in Denmark, it will begin mass manufacturing under a contract with Banke Electromotive.

Photo – AUTO Consulting

The truck ERCV27 is able to reach speeds of up to 80 km/h. Its power reserve without recharging traction batteries with a total allowable weight is 220 km. Battery life is 12 years. The truck is equipped with a combined ventilation, video surveillance system, air conditioning and water heaters.

“As we know, it is planned to ban the movement of cars with diesel engines in the cities of the European Union starting from 2025. Therefore, manufacturing of such trucks is not just a promising direction, but also a necessity,” – the “Bogdan” press service reports. At the same time, the company notes that so far there is no interest in such equipment in Ukraine.