The most expensive Ukrainian brands by the Novoe Vremya version: “Nova Poshta” is in the second place, “Rozetka” is in the third place

The Novoye Vremya magazine, together with MPP Consulting, has published a recent rating of the hundred most expensive Ukrainian brands. Their total cost is almost $6 billion.

The leader of the rating, same as in the past year, was the Morshinska company – the value of its brand is estimated at $533 million. Nova Poshta took the second place ($285 million), and the third place was taken by Rozetka ($244 million). Compared to 2017, the brand value of both companies increased by more than 30%.

The top 100 includes such telecom operators: Kyivstar ranked 10th ($ 155 million), Lifecell is 18th ($104.8 million), Volya is 92nd ($5.5 million). The Vodafone brand is not taken into account in the rating, and Ukrtelecom dropped out of the list this year.

The rating also includes companies that Novoye Vremya places in the e-commerce category: Citrus took 28th place ($73 million), Foxtrot – 36th place ($51 million), Allo – 38th place ($46 million), Comfy – 61st place ($17.5 million), – 67th place ($12.5 million). It is noteworthy that the price of the brand rose the most in the top 100 – by 190%.

Compilers of the rating note that the methodology for their assessment is based on the financial results of the companies that own the brands, as well as factors that may affect the brand value: the geographical coverage of sales, the technological component, the output, and the investment attractiveness of the industry.

The top ten most expensive brands are the following:

  1. Morshinska – $533 million
  2. Nova Poshta – $285 million
  3. Rozetka – $244 million
  4. PrivatBank – $237 million
  5. Sandora – $231 million
  6. Hortytsya – $229 million
  7. Roshen – $206 million
  8. Nemiroff – $196 million
  9. ATB – $157 million
  10. Kyivstar – $155 million