Ukraine is in 17th place in the global open data ranking

Ukraine has occupied 17th place in the updated Open Data Barometer for 2017. This ranking is compiled by the World Wide Web Foundation by the way of comparing data openness in the countries throughout the world.

In 2017 the scope of the survey was reduced: the ranking included 30 states, which signed the International Open Data Charter. It is a set of principles and rules for publication of open government data.

Ukraine was given 47 points. There is a positive momentum: in 2016 our country had 34 points, and in 2015 — 20 points. The points are allocated based on a combination of factors in four categories: government regulation, government actions, civil rights and the ease of doing business.

In the overall standings Ukraine is in the fourth place by dynamics of improvements since creation of ranking. Since 2013 our country has gained 25 points more. It is only Mexico that outperformed Ukraine (33 points). The growth of South Korea and Columbia made 25 points.

At the same time, Ukraine is at comparatively low level by assessment of the impact of open data on life in the country. According to this indicator the country has 28 points out of 100. Open data has the most profound impact on life in Korea (67 points).

The top 10 of Open Data Barometer is, as follows:

  1. Canada — 76;
  2. Great Britain — 76;
  3. Australia — 75;
  4. France — 72;
  5. South Korea — 72;
  6. Mexico — 69;
  7. Japan — 68;
  8. New Zealand — 68;
  9. USA — 64;
  10. Germany — 58.