Google.PayOnline might come to Ukraine in 2019. What is it?

Google.PayOnline payment service might be launched in Ukraine in 2019. According to Interfax Ukraine, it was announced by Andrey Radevich, Sales Manager, Google Ukraine, at FinRetail 2018. AIN.UA explains the details below.

#1. What is it?

Google.PayOnline allows to pay for goods online in just two clicks — users don’t have to manually enter card details. All details are retrieved from Google account to which users can link their cards.Google launched this technology in the U.S. in October 2017, known as Pay with Google. Upon its launch the service partnered with such companies as Instacart, Yelp!, Doordash, and others. The company promised to expand its partnership base to include Airbnb, Deliveroo, and few other services.


#2. How does it work?

Google.PayOnline pulls the details of card that is linked to user’s Google account. If you have ever paid for goods within Google ecosystem (games, apps, YouTube movies, etc.) or subscribed to services (Google Play Music, YouTube Premium), then your card details are already in your account.Otherwise, you must do it yourself. One of the ways of doing this — go to Play Market, Account, select Payment methods, and add your card.


#3. Is there anything similar already in place in Ukraine?

Yes. Holders of Mastercard have been enjoying MasterPass service for over two years now. It is a digital wallet to which users can link their cards and pay online without manually entering card details. The technology supported 2,000 websites when it was launched.


#4. I sell goods on the Internet. How do I connect this service?

When Google.PayOnline starts working in Ukraine, companies and online sellers will have to connect this service to their websites. This can be done with Google Payment API. Google does not charge for using the service.


#5. How essential is it for businesses?

Google says that it is an essential service. According to Radevich, 69% of buyers leave a website or close a mobile app if payment process is too complicated. In terms of the Ukrainian market, earlier, Dmitriy Sholomko, Director General, Google Ukraine, said that within a year since Google.Pay’s launch in Ukraine the number of payments using this app increased 90-fold, which put Ukraine in Top-5 most active users of the app. That means that Ukrainian users are ready to use similar services.