Ukrainian startup has created a service that improves software developers’ resumes

Last year, the Ukrainian team created a platform for search of IT vacancies worldwide. Based on the experience of this platform, the team realized that the resume of applicants in this industry often requires improvements, so they launched the CV Compiler service.

This service uses machine learning for analysis and improvement of the provided resume. According to the developers, it improves the resume in a way that it will interest the employer. In order for the service to work, the team digitized part of the advice from The Google Resume, and also analyzed about a million technical summaries and thousands of vacancies of top companies in the world. The current version of the service is designed for software developers, but there are already plans to make a service for non-technical professions.

The idea to create such a service for the team arose when working with “The trend is that quite a lot of experienced candidates, including users of, are rejected by employers purely because of the resume. We wanted to reduce this number of failures,” they say in the company.

The basic version of the service is free, it works on the freemium model. The user can check his or her resume for free and get 3 tips for improving the resume. To access all the recommendations, resume templates and other content you need to choose one of the three paid plans.

The first version of the product was launched on Product Hunt, at the same time TechCrunch wrote about it. Since its launch on November 21, the service has received about 10,000 new users. The team has already entered into a contract with the community of Metadevelopment software developers, who have bought 100 licenses for their graduates.

The nearest plans for a startup are to expand the service to more IT specialists, including product- and project-managers, designers, and for non-technical professions. It is planned to add the ability to analyze a LinkedIn profile, convert your original resume into a web template for editing and downloading. “We hope we will be able to become Grammarly for a resume,” they say in the company.