The Ministry of Finance opened access to the local budgets of Ukraine. There are 9,603 budgets in the database

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine published the information of local budgets of Ukraine on the state portal There are 9,603 of them.

The budgets of cities and towns can be found in the “Local budgets” section. It is also possible to see the budgets of individual regions. When you click on them, a brief summary is displayed: the implementation of revenue and expenditure budget. When you select a particular locality, data on the structure of the budget and the dynamics of its implementation are displayed. The information is updated monthly.

The Ministry of Finance believes that this will allow citizens to check for which purposes the local government uses financial resources and what origin the money has.

Thus, tax deductions bring the most money to the budget of the city of Kyiv, and the largest source of expenditures is the educational sphere as of October. Now the city has fulfilled 90.6% of revenue plan and 72.8% of expenditures one. Usually, a sharp increase of expenditure is on December, before the entry into force of the new budget. Institutions are trying to spend resources as much as possible. The budget of Ukraine for 2019 was adopted on November 23.

The team of the state institution “Open Public Finance” intends to open the information about the state debt and the so-called “budget financing” on the portal until the end of the year.