Selection: 19 applications and services with discounts for students

Student card in Ukraine gives a lot of bonuses. Using it, you can save on railroad travelling, visiting museums and buying a cheap subway pass. The benefits are not limited to these options only. The editors of AIN.UA compiled a list of services and applications that are available for students for free or at a significant discount.

Important: to take advantage of discounts, in most cases you need to have access to corporate mail. This is a personal email address with your university’s domain name – in the edu zone. Usually, login information is provided upon receipt. If you have forgotten or lost them, contact the IT department of your university.


On the American Apple site, a set of professional applications is available, the standard cost of which is over $629. This includes the Final Cut X video editor and two related utilities, the Logic Pro audio editor and the MainStage live performance plugin. Students can get a bundle for $200.

Even though the promotion does not officially apply to Ukraine, in a conversation with Apple’s technical support, AIN.UA journalist was assured that by providing a valid edu address and paying for the package, applications can be activated in any regional App Store.

Apple also offers a student’s tariff for a streaming service Apple Music. The discount will be 50% off the regular price of $4.99. It can be arranged in a few steps.


If the educational institution has a partnership with Google, your corporate email will be the key to your G Suite Education account. Its main advantage is unlimited space in the cloud (single files should not exceed 5 TB).

In addition, specialized applications and more convenient file management between the users are available in this tariff.

Office 365

Microsoft provides students with free access to all Office applications. In order to do this, the university must enter into an agreement with the company. If cooperation is established, the student should register on the learning portal.

You will receive the Office suite, 1 TB of cloud space on OneDrive, and an access to the Teams command messenger.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

This is another promotional offer from Microsoft. This is an educational IT project designed to introduce students to the development and use of professional software.

After registration and verification, members get access to cloud computing on the Azure platform, downloading the Visual Studio Community, Parallels Desktop, Xamarin Studio, a free developer account in the Windows Store.

You can also use educational materials from Microsoft Virtual Academy courses.


The developer provides students with discount access to the Creative Cloud software package.

You can get all the applications with a 60% discount for $20 per month instead of the usual $50. In addition, students can use a plan for photographers with Photoshop and Lightroom for $10 per month.


CAD application developer company distributes all of its software for free if you register a student’s account.

It is a huge advantage – the standard price of one of the most famous Autodesk solutions, automatic design AutoCAD system, reaches $1,500 for use per year.

Students get not only free installations on two devices, but also an access to Autodesk Design Academy training materials.


Ukrainian computer software developer offers students a 30% discount on all applications. You can also get a 50% discount on the purchase of an annual subscription in the SetApp service. It offers over 100 macOS utilities and applications.

Ableton live

The program for studio and live games, popular among musicians of all levels, is also sold with a student’s discount.

The price depends on the edition: the standard package for students costs $259 (instead of $499), and the full suite costs $449 (instead of $749).


A developer of programming tools provides all of his products for free if you register with an official student’s email address.

Students can download development environments for different languages, platforms and tasks, as well as code collaboration tools and learning applications.

Confirming the student’s status is required to be done annually through filling out a web form.


One of the most popular online notes. The program is available on all leading platforms and in the form of web version. Students can get a 50% discount for the first year of using the Premium plan.

It activates an unlimited number of devices for synchronization, the presentation of notes, increased limit on cloud storage, added option to work with PDF as well as other functions.


The service for easy creation of presentations provides students with free access to the Standart plan in which you can create an unlimited number of files and share them via links.

The company asks for $7 per month instead of $19 per month for the EDU Plus tariff. It includes offline access, voice memo support, video upload, and PDF export.

Norton Antivirus

Antivirus is distributed at a student’s discount.

This way the company charges $14.99 instead of $49.99 for standard access to protect a single PC. Protection for a single Mac or mobile device costs $19.99.


The popular password manager provides 6 months of free use of the premium tariff. The price with the discount is $2 per month.

A paid account allows you to share passwords, provides 1 GB of secure cloud storage, priority access to support, and a plugin for applications.

Wolfram | Alpha

This is a cloud service for mathematical calculations, search for scientific information and analysis of statistics. Wolfram | Alpha can solve problems in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and visualize information.

Students can buy a subscription to the Pro-version with a discount of 20% or 30%, depending on the form of payment – by semester or per year. It will cost $33 and $57 respectively.


This is a text editor for voluminous work: stories, academic studies, etc. It has a convenient organization of materials for research and the mode of compiling several files.

Scrivener is useful for students when writing a diploma or coursework. The program is sold with a discount – students can get a copy for $38.25 instead of $45.


Another text editor available on iOS and macOS. It relies on the simplicity and ease of the interface, as well as working with the universal Markdown-format. The program is distributed by subscription since last year.

Students can get a significant discount by paying $10.99 for access for six months. After that, the discount will disappear – the standard access will cost $4.99.


This is the service for joint project management and communication which offers students a six-month free trial.

To use it, you would need to register in the system, create a team and invite there more than 5, but less than 100 people. Then you would need to apply to the Premium rate for students. Its usual price is $9.99 per month.

In Asana, you can assign tasks, create checklists, projects and plan activities.

GitHub Student Developer Pack

GitHub company offers a whole list of promotional offers in the Student Developer Pack. To get it, you need to write a small letter of motivation from an edu e-mail. Then the message is sent to moderation. The winners are notified about the successful passage via mail. Developer Pack includes:

  • text editor Atom;
  • AWS Educate Discount;
  • year of free use of the Bitnami platform;
  • certificate for hosting DigitalOcean;
  • free domain in .me zone and SSL-certificate from namecheap registrar;
  • unlimited number of closed repositories on GitHub,
  • special tariff in the service of creating mailings SendGrid.

This is not a complete list — there are many more tools in the Developer Pack. Mostly they are programmers-oriented.

The New York Times

One of the world’s most famous publications offers unlimited access to materials and applications at a fixed price of $4 per month or $30 per year.

It is much cheaper than a standard digital subscription starting at $12 per month.

Students can also sign up for the All Acces tariff: it has access to the NYT Crossword service and the NYT Cooking cookbook.