Rating of the largest game development companies in Ukraine: Plarium and Gameloft are ahead

On Friday, December 7, UNIT.City hosted a presentation of a study of the Ukrainian game development market prepared by UNIT.City and Achievers Hub in Kyiv. Part of the study is a map of the Ukrainian market, which includes the rating of the largest companies in the industry by the number of employees. The rating is headed by Plarium.

According to the study, the total audience of games that Ukrainians are working on is more than 770 million users. The largest audience was gathered by large companies like Plarium, Ubisoft and Wargaming. 84% of game development companies work on games for mobile platforms, most often for iOS and Android.

More than 50% of companies create or plan to create games for VR/AR devices. According to the study, Unity remains the most popular game development platform (69%). The most popular genres in Ukrainian game development are Action (40%) and Adventure (42%).

Not all companies, on the basis of which Ukraine’s game development map was compiled, took part in the survey. There were 72 participants in the first edition. The next update of this study is planned to be published in the summer of 2019.

The graphic map of Ukrainian game development, showing the largest market participants, looks like this (click to enlarge):

Rating of game development companies in Ukraine basing on the size of the staff looks like this (we included the first 50 positions, all in all 97 positions):