David Brown’s company launched Draftium, a service for website prototyping in 15 minutes

Weblium Studio team, under the leadership of well-known entrepreneur David Brown, announced the launch of the Draftium tool. This is a tool for Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi prototyping of landing pages and multi-page websites. It works according to the freemium model, the creation of 3 prototypes and 50 templates is available free of charge, Pro-access removes the limit on the number, and increases the number of available templates up to 300. In mid-December, it was launched on Product Hunt.

According to Brown, Weblium studio has created more than 500 websites for clients over the past six months. At the same time, the team realized that the main problem was not in the development of the site, but in the collection and synchronization of content the way the studio and the client had the same vision of the site.

“We looked at many prototyping tools, and we saw that they all work with elements, and it takes many hours to build a prototype site for a client. We did not like it, which is why we put together our own turbo solution,” writes David Brown, introducing the product to Product Hunt.

Later, the team decided to release it as a service for developers, studios and marketers. To create a prototype, you need to select a template, modify it, add content there, and then discuss and approve it with the client. Draftium-created online prototypes can be tested and shared with colleagues. An example of a Hi-Fi prototype created using the service:

The difference of Draftium is a block structure, i.e. when creating a website, you do not need to drag all of its elements one by one, it is enough to just select a block (from more than 250 one) and enable/disable its elements. According to the developers, the time taken to create a prototype site in Draftium is 15-40 minutes, unlike alternative services like Sketch or InVision.