Labor market 2018 according to DOU: salaries and number of IT Specialists are increasing

DOU portal has published its own analysis of labor market 2018. AIN.UA gives the main indices of research.

Number of Specialists

According to DOU, almost 160,000 IT Specialists work in Ukraine as of 2018. Last year, this index was 127,000 specialists, this means that the industry increased by 26%.


For the last year, the salaries of Junior QA increased from $400 to $500 and of Middle ones from $ 1,100 to $1,300. The maximum rise was in the salary of Senior Ruby specialists – plus $800. The salary of project managers also increased by $200 last year. This is the first positive dynamics in a Project Managers’ salary since December 2013, according to DOU.

“The salaries considerably differ not only depending on the work experience but between the cities. A Project Manager in Kyiv earns twice more than the Project Managers in Odesa and Lviv. Junior Javas are better paid in Odesa, and Middle Swifts in Lviv earn by $900 more than in Kyiv,” the researchers emphasize.


According to the portal, the IT company employees prefer the medical insurance, compensation for gym and food as bonuses.


The number of vacancies published by DOU has increased by half for the last year – from 3,111 to 4,606 per month. And most often, the companies search for Front End, QA, PHP, .NET and Java Specialists.

Besides, DOU studied the best IT employers of Ukraine, best IT universities, as well as a profile of the Ukrainian IT specialist this year.