Ciklum Founder Torben Majgaard passed away

Torben Majgaard, Ciklum Founder, passed away at the age of 48. This was announced on Facebook by RealityClash CEO Morten Rongaard. Also, the death of Majgaard was confirmed by CEO Ciklum Michael Bustridge in the internal mailing list of the company. A copy of the letter is at the disposal of AIN.UA.

Details are not specified.

Torben Majgaard is the founder of a large outsourcing company Ciklum. It has representation in several countries, including Ukraine. In Ukraine, Ciklum is one of the largest IT companies, it employs over 2,600 people. In addition, Majgaard acted as executive producer of the movie “Land of Mine” (Under sandet), which was nominated for an Oscar from Denmark in the category “Best Foreign Language Movie.”

The editorial staff of AIN.UA expresses its condolences to the family and friends of Torben Majgaard.