How the transaction between a global company Luxoft and DXC Technology will reflect on Luxoft Ukraine

On January 7, the company DXC Technology announced the purchase of the company Luxoft. The deal amounted to about $2 billion. Luxoft has a large office in Ukraine, which employs almost 4,000 people. The editors of AIN.UA asked several questions to the head of Luxoft Ukraine, Olexandra Alkhimovych, about how the deal would affect the work of the local office. In a nutshell: everything will be unchanged for now.

Aleksandra Alkhimovich. Photo: Luxoft Ukraine

What will happen to the Ukrainian office after the completion of the transaction? Are you planning to close it?

The company, of course, will remain. Luxoft Ukraine continues to work as part of a global company Luxoft, a separate business in the structure of the company DXC.

Are staff cuts planned?

At the moment, no organizational changes are planned. We are focused on working with customers and continue to work on company projects. For professionals, this deal means that they will have access to new technologies and will be able to implement innovative solutions on a global scale. DXC provides the best solutions in Security, Analytics, Big Data and Cloud. This will allow Luxoft teams in Ukraine to satisfy the IT requests of our customers today and in the future.

Does Ukrainian management of Luxoft remains the same?

Yes, Luxoft will operate as a separate business under the current management, both in Ukraine and globally.

Are bonuses and rewards planned for local staff after the deal is completed?

The company’s activity continues unchanged, therefore, information about payments and additional bonuses is not yet available.

Not so long ago, we conducted interviews with Volodymyr Sharov, who is responsible for the operations of Luxoft Ukraine. According to him, the slowdown in hiring specialists in Ukraine is a planned, global Luxoft focused on launching in new locations. Does plan remain in force?

We continue to open new locations, which allows us to be closer to our customers and gain access to new markets. Specialists from Ukraine have supported Luxoft’s success for 14 years, and our vision with DXC shows that the region remains an important part of the company’s plans.

Does the global structure of Luxoft remain the same? Does the main office remain in Switzerland? Do all top managers remain the same?

Yes, no structural changes are planned.

How long did the negotiations between DXC and Luxoft last?

This information is not yet available.

How much has Global Luxoft grown over the last year?

In fiscal 2018, Luxoft revenue has grown by 15% and amounted at $907 million.