Ukrainians registered more than 7,000 electric vehicles in 2018 — almost three times more than in 2017

In the period from January to November 2018, the Ukrainians imported and registered more than 7,100 electric vehicles. It is reported by the Ministry of the infrastructure of Ukraine.

For comparison, in 2017 this figure was just over 2,500 cars. In total, about 11,000 electric vehicles were registered in Ukraine at the end of 2018.

Ukrainians imported most of the cars this year in November (956), May (850) and January (793). In 2018, as before, in Ukraine there were incentives for the importation of electric vehicles. Buyers of such cars did not pay VAT and excise duty when importing cars. Thus, the final cost of an electric vehicle for a Ukrainian was 17% lower than a regular car. In November, the government continued similar benefits until the end of 2022.