The largest consumer technology show CES was held in Las Vegas. Here is a list of Ukrainian startups that went there

From January 8 until January 11, Las Vegas hosted one of the largest electronics trade shows – CES. The editor of AIN.UA talks about Ukrainian startups that went there, both within the Ukrainian pavilion and separately.

This year, eight projects went to CES as part of the Ukrainian pavilion, which was organized by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), Concepter company, and UVCA. According to Vlad Tislenko, a co-founder of the Concepter company, this year startups are well prepared for the exhibition.

“Everyone came with functioning prototypes or pre-production samples of their products. The goals of all participants are similar: to accelerate business development. This includes finding new partners, retailers and investors, as well as a product demonstration for the media. After the first day of the show, each company has already achieved the first results. We are very pleased with the beginning,” notes Tislenko.

The representatives of the Ukrainian pavilion are the following starups:


FunLight is a startup that works on creating amusement rides in shopping centers and theme parks. “We use powerful projectors and motion tracking sensors to turn walls and floors into an interactive surface,” the team describes its product.

FunLight opened a pilot attraction at the Lavina Mall in Kyiv in October 2018. It was named the “Citadel of Music,” where visitors enter a separate room, where “all sounds of the Universe are collected.” Interacting with surfaces, they can create their own tunes and songs.


The Flasty team produces 3D printers. The company’s lineup includes a professional Flasty GT large-size printer, a device Flasty SM for printing smaller products, and Flasty Jade, a remote 3D printing service.

In addition, the team produces food 3D-printer CHOCOLA3D. The representatives of the project say that this is the first such device in the world. CHOCOLA3D can print chocolate, fruit, meat, cheese products on various food surfaces: bread, cookies, waffles, and so on.


Jollylook is a project that is working on an analog vintage camera. Jollylook has a special appearance, as well as the ability to instantly develop photos. In 2017, the project raised more than $375,000, although it has not yet delivered the product to the backers.


Startup Nuka produces an “eternal” notebook and pencil. The owners of this office can take notes in a notebook, and then erase them and write again; the pencil does not need to be regularly sharpened or filled with ink. In addition, the owners of Nuka can save entries in the “numeric” using a special application for the smartphone.


RAWR is a “smart” dog collar. It tracks a number of indicators of a pet: its geolocation, history of movements, physical activity, number of calories consumed, pulse, and so on. In addition, the device is equipped with LEDs which allows not to lose the dog in the dark.


Photon_LMS is a portable photo studio for subject photography. Among its features the creators note the ease of installation, control of the light, as well as the low cost of the product compared with similar solutions. Photon_LMS is designed for professional photographers, as well as ecommerce business.


The project team is working on a device for listening to music. Whooshi has two main functions: it improves the sound quality and makes the owner’s wired headphones wireless. Among other features there are its own application, which adjusts the sound to the user’s preference, as well as the built-in equalizer.


iGlam is jewelry, which color can be changed for any outfit using a special application. The device holds a charge for five hours, it can also be recharged in a case. iGlam is a set of earrings, rings and pendants that change colors.

A number of Ukrainian companies and startups went to CES separately. Among them there are:


This year, Ukrainian startup Petcube presented two new devices at the CES exhibition: Bites 2 and Play 2. Both cameras were presented in a new design, with improved sound, a 180-degree viewing angle, and support from Alexa assistant. Thanks to Amazon’s voice assistant, new items can play music, news, control other smart home devices, set alarms and more.


This time, a Ukrainian startup Pix went to Las Vegas together with the IoT Hub accelerator team. In 2018, the team raised $150,000 for the production of the eponymous backpack. Its main feature is the back surface, on which images and animations can be displayed.


The Ukrainian manufacturer of 3D printers for ceramic products, Kwambio, presented its new product, Ceramo Zero Max at CES. This is a desktop version of the model Ceramo One, which is suitable for use at home or in the office. It costs $5,000, which is twice less than the first model, and will suit, in particular, independent designers.

Emotion Labs

Ukrainian startup Emotion Labs went to CES with its EMWatch smart watch. They are designed to reduce the level of stress of the owner: the device measures pressure, pulse, monitors sleep, and in a special application provides recommendations for improving well-being.


Ukrainian startup LaMetric arrived this year at CES with a new product, Sky LED panels which can be hang on the wall and perform two functions: display the necessary information and decorate the interior. Sky can show the weather forecast in real time, the number of new messages in the mail, followers to Instagram and much more – you can choose the data sources yourself.

DTEK and Sensorama

At this year’s exhibition, Ukrainian companies DTEK and Sensorama, together with the Belarusian startup Teslasuit, present a simulator of TPPs in virtual reality. It allows you to accelerate the training program for employees of power plants in a safer environment, the company noted.

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