Petcube launched a design studio. What does the company need it for?

On January 17, Ukrainian startup Petcube, creating products and services for pet care, announced the launch of its own design studio. The project was called Petcube Design Studio. The unit will work in the following areas:

  • product design;
  • branding and visual communications;
  • marketing companies;
  • mobile and web applications;
  • video production.

According to the co-founder and CMO Petcube Andriy Klen, the opening of the studio was a natural continuation of the pilot joint projects:

“For the past six months we have been helping friends with small product and creative tasks. A couple of colleagues on the HAX-accelerator were more fortunate: for Petronics, we collected full-fledged marketing campaigns, produced content, and completed the site design. For Robo, Wunderkind has recently presented a product video. Test collaborations are excellent, so we decided to bring cooperation to a new level.”

The Petcube Design Studio team has six employees: two product designers, two brand designers, a videographer, and a design director. However, the resources are not limited to this:

“As a bonus, we have a heavy-duty network of the best professionals in the environment who willingly help us with projects. For example, we can put together a team of more than 30 people to shoot a video in two weeks, just by making a few calls.”

At the same time, Petcube Design Studio intends to conduct no more than two or three projects. Prices for studio services are variable:

“It is very dependent on the tasks of the partners. We pitch the model as an opportunity to get a co-founder designer and a team for a very market retailer. Thus, startups without sufficient design / marketing expertise will be able to close a gap in the business and grow faster.”

According to Andriy Klen, Petcube remains the main business:

“Over 5 years we have managed to build the work of the design department so effectively that everything has time and a little more remains. It is interesting for us to go out of our fluffy four-paw comfort zone, repetitive tasks and look at other product verticals. There are new knowledge, experience, goals.”

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The main task of the studio is to work for the result, that is, to create brands that are successful in foreign markets:

“Not least thanks to the design, we managed to build a leading American brand. We will be sincerely happy if we can do this a few more times, learning new tricks along the way. In addition, we help our company with the self-repayment of the design department, which actually determines the success of the company right from the very beginning.”

Let us remind that we had published the interview with the co-founder of Petcube Yaroslav Azhnyuk earlier on AIN.UA.