Trust but verify: 11 online services to find information on individuals and entrepreneurs

Today a vast majority of information about every Ukrainian is contained in open government data. Some institutions even made sure that the citizens could find and read the required information in digestible format and for free. Klim Bratkovskiy, the lawyer, blogger and civic activist made a selection of such online-services. The editor of AIN.UA extended it by a few additional services.

The authenticity of documents

A passport of the citizen as well as foreigner’s document (residence permit) should be verified in the database of invalid documents. Invalid document provides the grounds for refusal from entering into a contract.

The authenticity of Taxpayer Identification Number can also be easily verified using online service.

Further, you should review the database “People who are hiding from authorities”. Conduct the search by the full name.

Debts and judicial proceedings

The presence of any debts can be verified using the Unified Register of Debtors. For this purpose, you will need Taxpayer Identification Number of the person that you are interested in. The base contains the data on debts of individuals as well as business entities. For instance, it is the data on alimony and salary.


For more detailed picture of judicial and debt history of any citizen you can go to the base “the Progress of trial on cases”. Here you can enter the results of search in debtors’ register, namely, the details of judicial cases, and follow their progress.


If the person that you are interested in is registered as an individual entrepreneur, this fact can be verified in the Unified State Register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and civil organizations. For this purpose, you will also need the Taxpayer Identification Number or company code (USREOU).

This service will show registration data, types of activity, whether the entrepreneur is in the process of closure or any proceedings are instituted against him/her.

You can also obtain the information on the entrepreneurs and legal entities using the commercial service YouControl. Here you can find a full profile on any company (basic data is free and expanded access – by subscription).

You can also find the detailed information on any individual entrepreneur or legal entity using free-of-charge bot Opendatabot. It is a convenient tool for monitoring by using public government data.

Property and assets

You can find out what real estate objects are registered in name of the citizen in the State Register of titles to real estate,. However, it is a paid service. Moreover, Klim Bratkovskiy says that the base is incomplete.

By the way, the information on real estate and even debts in utility bills can be obtained on free-of-charge basis. For instance, via online platform Utility Service Center – it is sufficient to know the address in order to obtain information on its dwellers, real estate owners and their debts in utility bills. The websites and also enable you to add the apartment in your personal account and track its utility charges.

You can find out whether the citizen has a vehicle via the Unified Register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The access to the base (it also can be incomplete) can be provided using BankID or electronic digital signature.

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Infrastructure, jointly with government agencies, has launched “Online carrier’s account” and Register of carriers. Here you can enter a number of any vehicle and find out whether the company has the license to provide carrier’s services.