Ukraine hit the 53rd place in the Bloomberg innovation rating, having gone down by 7 positions over a year

Bloomberg has published another ranking of the most innovative economies in the world, Bloomberg Innovation Index. This rating has been published for the seventh year in a row, this year (same as in the past) South Korea has become the leader, followed by Germany and Finland.

Ukraine dropped by 7 positions compared with last year and it took the 53rd place, while Tunisia overtakes the country by 1 position, and India lags behind by 1 position. Last year, Ukraine was ranked 46th in the ranking.

“Among the economies that were estimated in 2019, Tunisia and Ukraine sank the most, they both dropped out of the top 50,” the study authors say.

The Bloomberg Innovation Index in 2019 initially rated more than 200 countries, which were awarded from 0 to 100 points in seven categories relating to innovation (the number of local high-tech companies, research costs, the concentration of researchers and scientists, patent activity, etc.). In the process of evaluation, the list narrowed down to 60 countries, which are represented in the rating. The rating comes out on the eve of the economic forum in Davos.