LUN launched a project with infographics about Kyiv. How the company will look for data and why it needs it

On January 21, LUN Company announced the launch of LUN Misto project. Within its framework, the company will create useful infographics about Kyiv. AIN.UA journalist learned from the representatives of the LUN how the team will search and analyze the data, and also why we need such an initiative.

The first infographic in the framework of the project was the analysis of the population density of Kyiv neighborhoods. For its creation, LUN processed information from state statistics, town planning documentation, public and private sources.

How did the idea appear?

In LUN they say that the company has a huge amount of data on the real estate market of Ukraine. The service has long collected statistics on various parameters: the history of price changes in the primary and secondary markets, the speed of sales and resale of apartments, and so on, up to information about what materials for wall insulation are preferred by developers in a certain price category.

“Now, when urban issues are becoming increasingly public, we see the need to share knowledge with the public. We want to talk about what people care about when choosing an apartment: about the indicators of the houses themselves – height, density and age of building, as well as the quality of life in the areas. These are safety, environmental friendliness, transport accessibility and the dynamics of infrastructure development.”

Where will the data be taken from and how will it be analyzed?

Among the sources of LUN are information from developers, as well as state and third-party resources — the State inventory, norms of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, reports of the Department of Statistics, the Open street map service and so on. “The problem is that, individually, these resources do not give a complete picture. LUN learned how to collect information from different sources and process it,” they say in the company.

For completion of the analysis, LUN cooperates with the Geo Design company, which uses its groundwork to interpret data and compile mathematical models of calculations. Besides that, the service plans to work together with Kyiv urbanists, who will be able to use ready-made infographics for analysis in the sphere of urban sciences.

Why does the company need it?

LUN comments on this as follows:

“The project “LUN Mіsto” has a mission to generate demand for quality housing. The infographics are visual aids for those who choose an apartment. They reflect the quality of life in a given area. Already, the demand for real estate is not just “price per square meter,” people realize that they want to live in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Most developers are struggling to reduce the cost per square meter, instead of improving the quality of housing. Their ads are no different from the slogans of supermarkets that sell milk at low prices. But the apartment is not a box of milk, it’s a place where a person will live.

Thanks to the “LUN Mіsto” infographics, people will be able to understand which type and where housing in Kyiv meets their requirements. This approach to choosing an apartment changes the market as a whole and increases the demand for quality housing. Developers can no longer build high, dense and cheap apartment complexes, they will need to build it so that people want to live in such houses.”

In November, LUN launched the first such information project about Kyiv, a noise pollution map. With the red color on the map, the company shows which streets have more noise and which have less noise. In LUN they point out that this opportunity has become important for a certain type of users, for example, families who want to improve their living conditions when they decide to have children. Now about 30 thousand people use the noise pollution map.