Ukrainians spent almost $180 million on video games in 2018

The annual income of the video game industry in Ukraine over the past year amounted to $179.2 million, says Wargaming editorial staff, citing data from the NewZoo report. This is 13.6% more than in 2017, back then the Ukrainians spent $157 million on games.

The growth rate of the gaming industry in Ukraine is slightly higher than the global average: worldwide, video game revenue in 2018 grew by 10.9% to $135 billion. In Poland, this market amounted to $541 million last year, in Russia – $1.7 billion.

There was the largest increase in revenue for console games, smartphones and tablets: by 15.6%, 4.6% and 14.9%, respectively. The only industry that has demonstrated a decline in revenue over the year is browser games (revenue declined by 1.4% compared with 2017).

“The fact that our country has shown growth that is ahead of the industry is both a positive and an amazing fact. It is amazing because over the past three years, the number of gamers in Ukraine has remained unchanged, and the number of paying players even slightly decreases. If you look at the data on the number of Internet users in Ukraine, we will see that it has not changed over the past three years, but even in such a situation, the video game industry is growing,” says country manager of the Ukrainian office of Wargaming, Dmytro Bazylevych.

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