UNIT.City has released an industry report. Here are 40 more companies that could be there

On January 29, UNIT.City innovation park published an industry report. It lists the companies that honor Ukraine as a technological hub. The companies in the UNIT.City report are divided into four lists: product companies, startups, R&D centers and outsourcers. The infrastructure companies and the so-called ecosystem were listed separately. The report itself is positioned as an advertising tool for distribution at international exhibitions and conferences.

Similar practice can be found at many international events. For example, on the stands of the states at WebSummit they offer brochures with conditions for doing business, as well as state and private support programs. Sharing company catalogs is also not a new practice.

In the UNIT.City report, nine dozen companies are mentioned, but the principles of their selection are not described: investments, turnover, revenue per person, traffic, customers, staff, transactions. It is obvious only that the numbered list is not a rating: the first numbers in 2 of 4 categories are the sponsors of the report, and the established procedure often contradicts the data of AIN.UA on state and income of companies.

After reviewing the report, the editors of AIN.UA recalled 40 more companies that are not inferior to those listed, and often surpass them, but are not represented in any of the categories. Here is a partial list of such companies in alphabetical order. The list can be supplemented.


  • Amadeus is a Spanish GDS (Global Distribution System), one of the largest in the world used by airports and airlines for booking tickets. In 2017 its revenue amounted €4.852 billion, net income was €1.161 billion. The company has 300+ employees in Ukraine.
  • GSN is an American social casino game developer. The company is a gaming division of Sony, the Ukrainian office originated from the purchased idle games in Zaporizhya. In 2019, the division has a $600-700 million value and fifty employees in the Kyiv office.
  • Magento is an American open source platform for managing online stores with great R&D in Ukraine. In 2011, it was sold to eBay, in 2015 – to the investment company Permira, in 2018 –to Adobe for $1.7 billion. In 2017, the company’s revenue was estimated at $150 million. In 2018, it was decided to close down the Ukrainian office.
  • NetEnt is a Swedish social casino game developer. In 2009, the company entered the IPO, revenue for 2017 was $178.7 million, and the Kyiv office counts 70+ people.
  • OLX is a Dutch classifier, held in Ukraine on the basis of Slando.ua. It belongs to the South African group Naspers. According to InAU, OLX is one of the most popular sites in Ukraine.
  • TransferWise is a British international money transfer service with an office in Cherkasy. The company’s revenue for 2018 is $151 million, net profit is $8 million.
  • Ubisoft is a French developer of AAA games, best known for the Assassin’s Creed series. It was founded by the five Guillemot brothers, who, before the unfriendly takeover by the media holding Vivendi in 2016, also operated on another Ukrainian R&D, Gameloft. The latter were engaged in porting Ubisoft games to mobile devices and consoles. €1,732 billion was its revenue in 2018, with 400+ employees in Ukraine.
  • Waze is an Israeli navigation service bought by Google for $1.3 billion. There is a small development team in Ukraine.
  • Wix is ​​an Israeli website builder which made an IPO in 2013. There are about 300 people working in the Dnipro and Kyiv offices. The revenue for 2017 is $425.6 million.


  • Admixer is a large SSP, which allows publishers to automate the sale of traffic. The company had 6 thousand publishers with 17 billion views per month in 2017.
  • Adtelligent (formerly VertaMedia) is a large advertising grid. In 2016, its revenue was $43 million.
  • CEX is one of the largest Ukrainian crypto stocks. Over the past month, they have conducted transactions for $73 million.
  • Hotline.ua and Price.ua are the largest price comparison sites. Hotline has 12.2 million visits per month.
  • Invisible CRM is a developer of CRM, ERP and workflow solutions. It began as a Salesforce integration with Outlook.
  • LetyShops is the largest cashback service in the CIS with an office in Vinnytsya. The total revenue of the stores from customers, led by the LetyShops team, is $35 million monthly.
  • Livestream is a video streaming service with an office in Zaporizhya, in 2017 purchased by Vimeo.
  • LUN is the largest in Ukraine (5 million visits per month) real estate offer aggregator. Under the brand Flatfy it operates in 30 countries around the world. The company has about 100 employees.
  • Megogo is the largest video service in Eastern Europe for watching online video and TV. They have 50 million unique visitors per month.
  • PDFFiller is a service for electronic document management, which began operating as solution for electronic signature and text recognition in pictures. Now the company has about 400 people, and the revenue as of 2016 was $10 million.
  • Rabota.ua and Work.ua are the largest Ukrainian sites for job search, in December 2017 they exchanged shares.
  • Rozetka is the largest Ukrainian online store. In August 2018, they bought a majority share in the largest Ukrainian marketplace EVO company (ex-Prom.ua) from Naspers for an amount that could range from $12 million to $15 million.
  • Serpstat – a Netpeak’s company revenue, Serpstat’s developer, in 2016 was € 2.5 million.
  • SkinsCash is a solution for exchanging and displaying game skins for real money outside the marketplace. In 2017, there were 1.7 million users, 95,000 transactions, and 912,000 items sold. On the basis of SkinsCash, the blockchain solution DMarket mentioned in the UNIT.City report was built. The latter recently fired 50 people, but this did not affect SkinsCash’s core business.
  • StarLadder is the largest Ukrainian agency in the market of e-sports competitions and broadcasts.
  • Talkable is a system for referral marketing in e-commerce from the co-founder of the auction of technological talents Hired Allan Grant (Mykhaylo Sapov). In 2018, Talkable customers earned $150 million through the system.
  • Tickets.ua is one of the largest ticket searches and booking services in Ukraine. It is included in the Ticket Travel Network holding with 650 employees, 400 of which are located in Lviv. The GMV is €500 billion, the share of Ukraine is 12%.
  • Uklon is Ukrainian car service online. The monthly audience was 500,000 people in 2015.
  • Nova Poshta is the largest Ukrainian logistics operator with 174 million parcels delivered in the 2018, and more than 3,000 branches located throughout the country. The company has its own NovaPay payment system, the mobile application has 1.7 million users.
  • PrivatBank is one of the most technological banks in Ukraine. Privat24 has 8.9 million users. 2,000 of bank employees are developers and engineers.


.IO (dashboards for media publishers, $1.5 million investment), 3DLOOK (solution for scanning the body followed by clothing selection, $1.4 million investment), ESM.one (esports tournament platform and analytics with revenue of $300 thousand for 2018), PromoRepublic (the service helps small and medium businesses and marketers to create content for social networks, which attracted $1.2 million investment), Djinni (service for anonymous job search in technology companies from the creator of the largest Ukrainian community of programmers DOU. Now there are 10 thousand questionnaires on the site).


Cogniance (400+ people), Daxx (300 people), ISD (700+ people), Lohika (700+ people), OSF global (100 people), Provectus (400 people), SiteCore (200 people), etc.

Sales Representative office

BlaBlaCar, Google, Microsoft, Payoneer.