The largest solar panel production plant in Ukraine was opened in Vinnytsia

The first stage of the plant for production of solar panels was opened in Vinnytsia by the Ukrainian company Kness Group on February 5. Total investment in the construction of the plant amounted to 5 million euros. The plant was built within a year: from February 2018 to February 2019. This is reported on the website of Vinnytsia City Council, as well as the press service of the company.

According to Valery Kotsyuba, Head of the Department of Investment Activities in Renewable Energy of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, this is the largest-scale production of solar panels in Ukraine.“Ukraine is one of the priority countries that interest investors [Editor’s note: within this industry]. 1.7 billion investments have been attracted to this industry over the past four years, 1.2 billion euros of which was invested in the power industry” the official said.

What will the plant do?

The plant will manufacture solar panels for residential, commercial and industrial solar power plants.

Rated power of panels is from 270 to 370 W. 600 panels will be produced on the plant each shift.

What technologies are used in production?

The plant uses photovoltaic cells based on polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon, including the PERC technology (efficiency 21.5%) with the number of string tires five pieces. Such panels can be sold both in Ukraine and abroad. The production line of the Kness plant is developed at the National Institute of China.

Who built the plant?

Kness is a Ukrainian group of companies that works on traditional and renewable energy projects. The first company of the group “Podolsky Energoconsulting LLC” was established in 2009 and was engaged in the design and construction of facilities for electric power companies and industry. Already in 2012 the company began experimenting with solar energy projects.

In 2015, another company of the group “PEK Energo” begins to produce metal structures and electrical equipment for renewable energy. In 2016, service and industrial companies merged into the Kness Group, and since 2017, it also includes its R&D-center as well as “Kness Construction” – own company that is specialized on construction and installation.

Sergey Shakalov, CEO of the group of companies

Production and development plans

The area of the industrial facilities on the plant is 6,600 square meters; the annual capacity is 200 MW. It is planned to put the second stage of the plant into operation by the end of the year, after which the production capacity will grow to 400 MW.

Now the main staff already works at the plant: about 120 people, with an average salary of 15,000 UAH.  Additionally, the company will recruit another 50 people – this is a personnel reserve of technical specialties (mechanical engineers for equipment, engineers for instrumentation and automation, electricians, etc.).