Ukraine is the leader in increasing of Facebook popularity and 6 more indicators of the Ukrainian social network audience

The PlusOne company conducted a survey of the Ukrainian Facebook audience, which included the dynamics of the growing popularity of the social network in the country, the number of users, gender and age composition and other indicators. AIN.UA editor cites the main thing from the report.

In Ukraine, there are about 13 million Facebook users. According to the study, this is more than half of the country’s entire Internet audience (21.4 million). The authors of the work note that over the past five years, Facebook has become more popular in Ukraine, largely due to the blocking of Russian services: “As of December 2018, already 30.95% of Ukrainians use the social network. And this number continues to grow as we are increasingly breaking away from Russia and approaching Germany and Poland.”

Facebook is the most popular social network in Ukraine in terms of average daily and average monthly activity. The service is ahead of VKontakte, Instagram and Odnoklassniki.

Ukraine is among the leaders in the growth of popularity of the social network. The Ukrainian Facebook audience grew by 1 million people in the fourth quarter of 2018. This is the third figure in the world after India and the Philippines. In total, about 3 million Ukrainians have registered on Facebook over the past year.

Most Ukrainian Facebook users live in Kyiv, Lviv, and Uzhgorod. Least of all live in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Zaporizhzhia. The authors of the study say: “Kyiv’s leadership is due to the fact that Facebook includes a large number of people who work in Kyiv living in nearby communities.”

In Ukraine, Facebook is most actively used from mobile devices. Nearly 9 million people log in to the social network only from a smartphone, 1.2 million do it exclusively through the desktop, and 3 million use both platforms.

Ukraine is one of the world’s leaders in the proportion of female users of Facebook. 59% of users of social networks in Ukraine are women, 41%, respectively, are men. If we talk about age, then Facebook is most popular among people from 25 to 35 years old (4.6 million users). Then there are Ukrainians of the category of 36-45 years (3 million), and then – a young audience of 18-24 years (2.1 million).

Other data:

  • Every seventh Ukrainian user administers the page on Facebook. The most active are young people aged 18-24. In this age category, the administrator is every fifth.
  • The most popular smartphone brands among Ukrainian users are Samsung (3.9 million), Xiaomi (2.7 million) and iPhone (2.5 million).
  • A “typical” Ukrainian user on Facebook for 30 days shares one post, leaves two comments and click the “like” button nine times. At the same time, Ukrainians press 13 times for advertising posts in 30 days on average, while the average indicates in the world is 8 times.