YouTube Kids application was launched in Ukraine

Google launched YouTube Kids, a free app for kids  in Ukraine. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. The app provides content oriented towards children, parents can control children’s access to it, set time limits, etc.

The application contains entertaining, and educational videos for children, channels and playlists are grouped into four categories: “Shows”, “Music”, “Learning”, and “Recommended”. There are cartoons, educational videos, children’s poems and songs, answers to children’s questions about science or nature.

You can create up to eight profiles with individual viewing settings and recommended videos. You can control what your kids watch, select individual videos and channels for your children in the “Approved Videos” mode. You can exclude certain videos and channels, and restrict your kid from accessing the search tool.

The application has advertising, but advertising of food or drinks, video games or commercials intended for children over 12 years old, as well as clickable ads are prohibited.

The company launched YouTube Kids in February 2015. Now the application is available in 60 countries, it has tens of millions of downloads, more than 160 billion views, more than 14 million active viewers per week.