Ukrainian toys Wumba appeared on Kickstarter again. They collected more than $6,000 for the first day

A set of wooden toys Wumba Toys appeared on Kiskstarter. In 2018, the first campaign of the project raised more than $37,000 and later the toys became hostages of the logistical troubles in Boryspil.

In the second crowdfunding campaign, the essence of the project has not changed. Wumba is a set of 5 magnetic wooden toys for children starting from one year. Products are modular and consist of three parts. Due to this, they can be combined with each other. The toys are safe to use since there is no lead in neodymium magnets, the blocks are made of beech and coated with water-based paint and varnishes. Wumba gives a lifetime warranty and promises to change items for free in case of breakdown.

Instead of fundamental changes, the creators of Wumba 2.0 expanded the choice. Two new collections appeared there: “Dinosaurs” and “Monsters”, the entire lineup was replenished with 11 new characters. Prices for the first backers start from $79 for a set of 5 toys to $280 for 3 sets. At the same time, delivery around the world is free.

For the first day, Wumba 2.0 raised more than $6,000 out of the planned $15,000. The campaign will end on April 5, 2019.

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