Foreigners are allowed to receive D-type visas in Ukraine

Ukraine has simplified the receipt of D-type visas to foreigners from EU countries and the USA. AIN.UA editorial was reported about this by the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine (Ministry of Economy). This decision was made at a meeting of the 8th Deregulation Ministers’ Cabinet, dedicated to improving the business climate in Ukraine.

What is a D-type visa?

D-type visas are long-term visas that give the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for a period that exceeds 90 days. Long-term visas are issued as multiple entry visas for the period of 90 days.

What has changed?

Previously, to extend such a visa, a foreigner had to leave the country. This issue complicated life, including those professionals who were going to work for the Ukrainian IT-companies. Now foreigners can get long-term visas in the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs without leaving Ukraine.

“The essence of the problem is that in order to find a job in Ukraine, a US citizen was traveling to Poland from Ukraine for a week, and there he/she received a D-type visa, and then returned to Ukraine,” explains Igor Samohodsky, an IT BRDO expert.

About 30,000 visas of this type are issued per year.

“This will make it easier to attract highly qualified specialists both to the private sector and to the supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises,” said Stepan Kubiv, the head of the department.