launches an English version of the website. Why do they need it?

Job search site has launched an English version of their website. The company announced it on their blog. further explains that their service must “speak” English to allow “foreign investors and employers from other countries to assess the human resources of Ukraine and the scope of its market.”

“Imagine a situation: a Chinese businessman is thinking of investing in Ukraine and establishing, say, metallurgical works in Dnipro. But how will he analyze the investment climate, how will he learn whether the city has the skilled labor as well as the average salaries in the area if such information is not available in English?”

In addition, is confident that this step will benefit both job seekers and employers. Firstly, the company is certain that the more foreign companies enter the local market, the more chances local talents will have to get a job in an international company. Secondly, Ukrainian companies, in their turn, will be able to expand their teams with foreign talents.