Jabil launches second 20,700 sq.m. manufacturing line in Ukraine investing $16 million

On March 15, Jabil, an industrial design, manufacture, supplies, and product management company, officially expanded its manufacturing site in Ukraine. The new site is also located in Rozovka village in the vicinity of Uzhgorod city. The launch has doubled the company’s manufacturing capacities in Ukraine. Following the launch of the new site in Ukraine the total area of Jabil sites in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) has hiked to over 371,600 sq.m. across 22 sites in 14 countries.

The company began the construction of new manufacturing capacities with the total area of 20,700 sq.m. in January 2018. Jabil opened its first factory in Ukraine back in 2004 and has manufactured over 100 million devices to date for customers from automotive, smart devices and appliances, and communications segments.

Since its arrival in Ukraine, the company has invested $75 million in its Uzhgorod facilities of which $16 million were allocated towards the construction of the new site. The total area of Jabil’s high-tech manufacturing facilities in the country, including storage facilities, stands currently at 46,600 sq.m.

Currently, the company employs about 3,000 employees in Ukraine and is planning to increase this number to 5,000 with the launch.

The news about the company’s expansion of its site in Ukraine became known as early as in January of this year, however, back then the company insisted that the information was invalid and inaccurate.

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