Startup cofounded by a Ukrainian raises $2M for interactive stories like “Black Mirror”

Based in San Francisco, Dorian is a startup that raised $2 million for the development of their mobile app featuring interactive stories. Creators of the app were inspired by interactive stories similar to the recent release of the “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”, where viewers can actually control how the plot unfolds, VentureBeat informs.

The investors include March Capital Partners, a technology investment firm focused on game development sector, London-based London Venture Partners (LVP) and others. The money raised will fund the development of the app that primarily targets millennials and young women from Generation Z (children born after the year 2000).

Project team

“When we address our players we fear that young women are tired of Cinderella stories that still dominate the content for women. Dorian will allow players to control the storyline and communicate with likeminded people,” says Yuliia Palatovskaya, cofounder and CEO of the project, as informed by the news outlet.

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