Top 100 countries in terms of video game revenue. Ukraine is in 46th place

Analytical company Newzoo has published new data from the annual report on the state of the gaming industry.

The world market in 2019 is estimated at $148.1 billion. The largest segment is mobile games for smartphones and tablets, they accounted for 49% of the profits. By 2021, it is expected that the gaming industry will grow to $174 billion, and the share of smartphones will be up to 52%.

The report also provides a ranking of countries by income from the sale of video games. This is the amount that customers spend on games. The estimate did not include equipment costs, b2b services, taxes, as well as the market rates and gambling. Information is current as of January 2019.

Top Five:

China – $34.4 billion;

USA – $31.5 billion;

Japan – $17.5 billion;

Korea – $5.7 billion;

Germany – $4.9 billion

In addition to income, analysts also compare the population of countries and the number of Internet users. So, in China, 850 million of 1.4 billion citizens have access to the network. The Internet population of the United States is less – 265 million, with a population of 327 million.

In 2018, the Ukrainian market brought game developers $179 million, the country is in 46th place. According to Newzoo, there are 26 million Internet users in the country with a population of 44 million. Most likely, the population estimate is inaccurate: according to the State Statistics Service, the population of Ukraine in 2018 was 42.1 million people. However, the official statistics confirm the figure of 26 million Internet users.

Ukraine is the fourth country in the region. In terms of market volume, it is inferior to Russia ($1.65 billion), Poland ($541 million) and Kazakhstan ($207 million), however, it bypasses Romania ($176 million). In total, in Eastern Europe, 147 million gamers and 264 million online users were counted, with a population of 352 million people in the region.

The largest gaming region is Asia-Pacific, accounting for more than half of all revenues. More than 4 billion people live there. Among them, 1.9 billion have access to the Internet, and 1.2 billion are gamers.