Vodafone Ukraine launches own IT company and plans to hire 100 employees

Mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine has established its subsidiary IT Smartflex with an office in Kyiv. According to the operator’s press service, the new company is going to develop software and IT solutions for its parent company and the external market.

Key activities of the company are R&D and system integration. The company is headed by Aleksandr Denisyuk and Igor Shkurko is in charge of its R&D center.

Aleksandr Denisyuk. Photo: Vodafone Ukraine

Currently, the main customer of the company is Vodafone Ukraine. However, it is ready to work with external markets, including those where Vodafone is already present.

IT Smartflex’s staff is small, and it is on the lookout for talents, including front-end and back-end developers. Front-end talents must have a good grasp of Angular, HTML, CSS. Back-end ones are primarily needed for Java development, Oracle and other database solutions. The company is also looking for testers (including test automation engineers).

Sources in the company informed AIN.UA that this year IT Smarflex is planning to hire up to 100 employees. Candidate requirements do not include the mastery of English since the main customer is a Ukrainian company.