Ukraine ranks 4th globally for cheapest mobile internet

The average cost of one gigabyte of mobile data in Ukraine is $0.51. This makes Ukraine the fourth country with the cheapest mobile data plan after India, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. The information was published by the, which monitors internet affordability across 230 countries around the world.

HowMuch prepared a concise visualization of the data. The countries marked green have the cheapest mobile internet, and red colored countries have the most expensive one. By the way, the African state of Zimbabwe has the most expensive rate: the average cost for 1GB of mobile data there is $75.2.

If you look at the map of Europe, Ukrainian mobile internet price plans are very attractive. For example, in neighboring Belarus, the cost of 1GB of mobile data is 4.5 times higher, and in Germany, it is 13.5 times higher.

Mobile internet is cheaper only in three Asian countries. Ukrainian gigabyte is twice as expensive as Indian, which costs a mere $0.26.

Analysts have collected data from over 6,000 price plans from around the world to display the price per gigabyte of mobile data. The data was collected in the period between October and November 2018.

In 2017, Ukraine ranked 2nd for the cheapest internet in the same rating. But this study was not about mobile data plans, but about broadband access.