Ukrainian startup NIXOID Lab creates a nixie tube wrist watch and collects $45k on Japanese crowdfunding

Ukrainian startup NIXOID Lab has raised more than $48,000 for the production of nixie tube wrist watches at the Japanese crowdfunding service CampFire. This is ten times more than the initially required amount, with two days left until the end of the campaign. This was reported to an editor of AIN.UA by representatives of the startup.

Glower model

NIXOID Lab collected funds for three models – Nixoid, Glower, and Era VFD. Their feature is the use of the nixie tubes IN-16 and IV-9, which were created in the USSR to display time. The startup team explains this step as a design decision and the desire to use old technology. “This is a mixture of rare components and a modern electronic database,” the creators commented. Among themselves, the models differ in size, type of tubes, and the principle of operation.

Nixoid model

This is the second crowdfunding campaign of NIXOID Lab. In September 2018, a startup raised $46,000 on Kickstarter. About half of the orders were made in Japan; representatives of CampFire service contacted the team and offered to conduct an additional fundraising campaign.

Era VFD model

Now NIXOID Lab is working on new models and improving technologies in existing ones. In addition, the team expands production and contracts with stores “around the world.” The plans are to conduct another campaign on Kickstarter with new models that will receive an updated work mechanism and design.