ICU tells about investments in Ukrainian startups for the first time: Petcube, 3DLOOK and others

Venture Company ICU has disclosed its investments in IT companies for the first time. NV Business reports it, referring to Makar Paseniuk, ICU managing partner.

Currently, the ICU portfolio includes seven companies, investments of each ranged from $200,000 to $1 million.

Among these companies are:

  • Petcube, a Ukrainian company that designs and develops gadgets for pets.
  • Hideez, a Ukrainian high-tech startup in cybersecurity.
  • Xelba, a company that delivers hardware and software tools for IoT.
  • Smart Commerce, a b2b service for instantaneous data collection about products.
  • Good Money, social-oriented online banking.
  • 3DLOOK, a Ukrainian startup which works on the 3D matching technology to measure human body with photos.
  • Apostera, a company offering the development of remote automated technologies for the automobile industry.

ICU announced that the company is planning to make 3-5 more investments until the end of 2019.