Kyiv and Lviv in top 10 for investment efficiency according to Financial Times

fDI Magazine, a specialist division of the Financial Times, has published a new list of “smart locations” – Smart Locations of the Future. The list features Ukrainian cities. This was noticed by “theБабель”.

Smart Locations of the Future is a ranking of the most attractive cities for investment. Singapore, Dublin and London top the list.

General ranking of the most attractive cities for investment

Kyiv (in fifth place) and Lviv (in eighth place) made it to the list of cities with high economic efficiency. As stated on the fDI’s website, these are locations where investors can invest less and make greater profits.

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, tops the list in terms of economic efficiency. Also in the top 10 are two Polish (Gdansk and Wroclaw) and Lithuanian cities (Kaunas and Vilnius).

Ranking of cities by economic efficiency

Assessment of economic efficiency takes into account the cost of renting offices and production facilities, the level of wages and hotel rates, as well as tax rates and the cost of registering business and facilities. A complete list of winners and methodology is available on fDI’s website.