Coworking Platforma announces 3 new locations. Upon their launch, the coworking network will become the largest in the country

Kateryna Gorina, a co-founder of the coworking network Platforma, told AIN.UA that by September 2019 three new locations will be opened: two in Kyiv and one in Lviv.


Lviv, August. The first Platforma location in the city will be opened in the innovation hub Futura (200 Kulparkovskaya Street). The coworking will occupy two floors, where 500 people can accommodate. Platforma Futura will become the largest coworking in Lviv. Three accommodation options are available: a lounge, open space, and a private office (from 2 to 60 people).


Kyiv, September. A new location in the shopping center Darynok, next to the first coworking Platforma, Platforma Market with offices for large teams will start working. The minimum office will accommodate from 15 to 40 people, and the entire space is designed for 750 people. All offices can be combined with each other, so coworking is available for a company of 100 or more people. The price starts from $130 per person.


Kyiv, September. Platforma will launch an entire building on 6 floors next to the Andriyivsky Descent at 35v Borichev Tok in Podil. The location will be the largest of all existing coworking brands: it is designed for 900 people. The coworking will be the first in the network where you can purchase a daily subscription.

Refael Yucha, Ofer Kerzner, and Kateryna Gorina are the founders of Platforma.

After the launch of new locations, the Platforma network will become the largest in the market, Gorina says. The total number of residents will reach 3,000, and the total area of the coworking will exceed 15,000 square meters. “All Platforma locations will offer cross-benefits to residents: for example, you chose an office in Platforma on the left bank and at the same time you get free hours in the negotiations of our coworking in the city center,” Gorina explains.