Kasta introduces the purchases payment service which operates by scanning the face by Kasta ID

Kasta Shopping Club and Marketplace, together with Visa and PrivatBank, launched an innovative payment service Kasta ID in Ukraine. As AIN.UA was informed by the company, there are no analogs to service in Ukraine. At the same time, the customer’s face serves as an identifier and payment carrier, the recognition technology itself is based on Amazon Rekognition.

How does it work?

The service works only for customers of new Kasta Black (subscription for free delivery for a year or for a month for regular customers). When registering a payment card in Kasta, the customer needs to take a selfie. After that, he or she can make an order with delivery to the nearest Kasta office.

When a customer comes to pick up their purchases at one of the Kasta branches, the system will recognize him or her by the face, and the operator will issue an order for fitting. After that, the customer will be able to choose the things that fit him/her and pick them up, giving the operator everything else. Payment will be charged automatically only for those products that are suitable for the customer. At the same time, no additional actions are necessary for the customer.

Why do I need Kasta ID?

According to Andriy Logvin, the founder and CEO of Kasta, identification through face recognition is one of the safest ones today. Using Kasta ID, the company wanted to move away from using a passport and other sensitive data to identify the buyer.

In addition, Kasta ID allows you to level the biggest problem in the fashion segment of e-commerce: the inability to see and touch the product before buying, and most importantly try it on. All of this is the main obstacle for clothes purchasing on the internet.

“This service will change the attitude of customers to online shopping and remove the fear of buying any brands and products via the internet without fear that they cannot be tried on or touched,” he added.

Payment by face – is the market ready?

According to Visa, 30% of young Ukrainians are already ready to pay for purchases using face identification.

“96% of Ukrainians from 18 to 23 years old are ready to use biometric data for making payments. Paying with fingerprint in the first place, the retina – in the second, the face – in the third place. 76% of Ukrainians believe that payment made with face is more reliable than a password or PIN-code,” said Svitlana Chirva, regional manager of Visa in Ukraine and Moldova, and acting as a regional manager in the Republic of Belarus.