Ukraine plans to cancel roaming with Georgia, Belarus and three other countries by 2020

Starting from 2020, a single roaming space will work in the Eastern Partnership countries with the EU – Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is reported by, referring to the statement of Johannes Baur, head of the department of assistance programs of the EU mission in Ukraine “Economic cooperation, energy, infrastructure, and the environment”.

A single roaming space implies the cancellation of roaming charges in countries that have signed such an agreement.

According to Baur, the respective declaration of the Eastern Partnership countries was signed on February 28 in Bucharest. Besides that, Ukraine plans to cancel roaming with all EU countries, however, it is not yet known when will that happen. Baur notes that first, Ukraine will connect to a single zone with the countries of Eastern Europe, and then the rest of the European states.