Ukrainian hacker on trial in US for stealing credit cards with FIN7 hacking group

June 3, 2019, Ukrainian citizen, Andrei Kolpakov came to trial in the federal court in Seattle, according to Washington Post. Previously, he was extradited from Spain.

Kolpakov is charged in hacking attacks, fraud, and identity theft. He was involved in FIN7 hacking group.

What is FIN7?

According to FBI, FIN7 members stole up to 15 million credit cards from Chipotle, Arby’s, and Red Robin. Then the cards were sold on underground marketplaces. Losses are estimated at tens of millions of dollars.

FIN7 is said to be as one of the most cohesive and professional hacking groups. In cybercrime magazine Wired, the attackers are described as follows:

They are not outstanding experts on internet safety, however, they are professionals. Their goal is to start their work in the morning and steal credit card numbers.

What is known about hackers?

The first arrests of FIN7 hackers were in March 2018 when a hacking group from Russia and Ukraine has been arrested nearly 250 km from Madrid.

It became known about the arrest of Kolpakov in August 2018. There were two more suspected Ukrainians arrested: Fedor Gladyr in Germany and Dmytro Fedorov in Poland. Gladyr appeared before the US court in October 2018. His sentence is unknown. Fedorov is awaiting extradition to the United States.

At the trial, Kolpakov didn’t agree to plead guilty. He will be formally charged on June 10.